i-Text the Lord 07/29/2007

The modern day means of communicating the Lord is liken to our way of sending text messages via our mobile phone.

Most of the time the Lord tries to send his messages across to us in many different methods. Our typical John here is just like any of us, received God's SMS: "Can i c u?"

John repliaed, "m chatting with someone, i'll get back to you as soon as i can."

God sent him an MMS. An angel's symbol with a heart and a text underneath: "missd u John."

As usual, John ignored the message, he never had time to open it so he marked it as READ.

Then he received an MP3 of a son... "Footprints on the sand." But John never played it as he was too occupied watching video of a girl teasing him.

Until time passed and John run out of budget and he is in debt, then he had the time to look back to his bulk messages only to find a long list of God's un-answered requests and he said to himself, "how could I possibly do this? I just ignored Him."

So he sent a message to God, " Can I talk to you?"

A reply came, "Who you?"

John texted back, "am John please I need you..."

As he was about to sent it, the signal went down, too weak to connect. John realized he is inside a night club. So he went out into a quiet place, alone and started to pray and re-sent his message.

Moments laer, John's cellphone rung. One message received. It said, "This is Peter, God is in a conference, He'll get back to you as soon as He can."

Too desperate John wrote another SMS, "Please this is urgent. I need to talk to you Lord." He pressed the SEND button ... but his phone answered back, "Message sent failed. Please re-load."

Only to find out he's already broke.